Introductory Blog Post

Hello, I’m Scott Burton and I study BA Geography at the University of Southampton. You can find out more about me in the ‘About’ section of my blog.

This blog has been specifically created to allow me to share my thoughts and ideas each week on various topics provided by my UOSM ‘Living and Working on the Web’ module. Thus, my posts will tackle key ideas associated with using the web in working life.

I aim to use this module as a means of improving my digital literacy skills and to create a professional online profile ready for life after university. My first task was to complete a self-assessment form that rates my current level of my digital literacy, and will enable me to monitor my progression throughout the module. Each is ranked on a scale of 1-5, 1 as ‘no experience’ and 5 as ‘very experienced. The form can be viewed below:

  Rating at start of module Comments Rating at end of module Comments
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information


3 As part of my degree, I often have to assess, manage and evaluate various sources. Essay writing requires the formation of an argument that combines and develops previous ideas and studies, and thus being critical, efficient and concise is important. However, I don’t often use online information.    
Participating in online communities



2 I am involved to some extent in social media communities, although these involve purely my friends.    
Building online networks around an area of interest



1 I do not have online networks around an area of interest.    
Collaborating with others on shared projects



2 I occasionally have to involve myself in group projects and presentations, although independent working is more common as part of my degree and is also my preferred way of learning.    
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)



1 I have no experience in creating online materials    
Managing your online identity



2 I manage my online identity fairly well, although rarely in a professional manner.    
Managing your online privacy and security



2 Many of my accounts are public. I do, however, use many different passwords for my accounts, and am wary of scams and security threats.    

Question 1: Why did you choose the module?

The module allows me to do something different in my final semester at university. I wanted to challenge myself whilst improving my digital literacy skills and profile.

Question 2: What in particular do you want to learn from the module?

  • How to present myself professionally online
  • How to make online content
  • How to involve myself in online communities
  • How to write concisely

Question 3: Which degree programme are you studying?

BA Geography

Question 4: Have you studied online before?

No, but I am excited at the prospect of getting involved.



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