Topic 1 Reflection

After posting my thoughts on topic 1, I engaged with various other blogs which enhanced my understanding of the topic and allowed me to self-assess my own style of blogging. As I’m used to writing essays, I found writing informally difficult – or at least making the post more personal. I also struggled with staying within the word count. To learn from this, I intend to get all reading done before writing and using the most relevant and interesting information, and also make use of visuals, either as infographics or videos which others had used effectively. A task for my next post is to learn this technique.

Although preferring Visitors and Residents to Natives and Immigrants, I suggested that by taking the focus away from ability and turning it to ‘motivations’, White lost the intentions of Natives and Immigrants in recognising the various abilities of individuals and how we should consider and cater for these. I struggled to see how the newer approach provides much use beyond categorising. I asked Wei his opinion on this and he replied with an inciteful mention of Beetham and Sharpe’s (2010) pyramid model. I learnt that understanding motivations is important as it reflects individuals’ level of learning, and that my critique wasn’t a poor judgement as other theories exist and we should always explore further and be critical.

Furthermore, Maddie’s comment on my blog post asked me to consider my own position. This is something I overlooked but will not in the future as adding a personal touch is a discussed goal of mine. To answer this I had considered what I learnt from another blog. Caiti’s blog post exposed me to an informative video created by White himself. In this he spoke of assessing your own Resident / Visitor status whilst considering both institutional and personal perspectives. I incorporated this in my reply to Maddie’s comment.

Overall, I found the blogging experience interesting but somewhat challenging, and I look forward to developing from my experience throughout the module. Stay tuned!


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