Topic 2 Reflection

topic-2-reflectionTopic 1 provided me with a lot of areas to improve on and so I built upon and worked around these and threw myself into Topic 2!

I believe key changes made this week’s blog post more accessible, concise, and original.


















In terms of progress throughout the week, an exploration of all other blog posts and interactions through comments, aided my understanding of the topic.

My post focused on the various benefits and risks of having multiple identities e.g. sharing and collaboration, decrease in the risk of trolling, loss of anonymity, risks of identity theft, and loss of authenticity through multiple personas. These ideas were explored at varying lengths by the other blogs, although I was particularly interested in developing my thoughts around the anonymity vs authenticity debate.

I commented on Andy’s post asking him to consider authenticity loss through multiple personas, something he hadn’t considered. His reply highlighted authenticity loss as problematic in terms of anonymity and trolling, but he disagreed with me over multiple personas. Like me, he understands them as natural and as reflecting real life interactions, but I suggested there’s a point where the internet can offer too much in regards to personality editing. To expand on my point, I replied using what I had learnt from Andrei’s blog post. Although critical of Beme (the pro’s and con’s were discussed in detail by me and Andrei in the comments), it highlights attempts made by people to reduce the ability of us to present multiple identities in terms of editing and thus reducing authenticity. I thank Andrei for introducing me to Beme as it allowed me to develop mine and other’s thoughts through an example. He also introduced me to new ways of using visuals effectively, which I will use next week to advance my own style.

In return, potentially intrigued by my argument after our discussion, Andy commented on my post! He suggested an idea that I had not considered: by creating multiple identities we are actually increasing our anonymity, as we reveal an aspect of ourselves through a persona but hide the rest. He also challenged me to critique the current and future path of change, again something I hadn’t considered. He allowed me to link back to residents and visitors as I suggested we should make sure we consider both alongside changes to anonymity and authenticity, and the web should allow for both to exist on a scale or spectrum, with only the extremes harmful  (too much anonymity, too much sharing, too many multiple personas).


I’ve learnt a lot through this week’s blogging and I look forward to developing further. Stay tuned!















Word count: 438

Comments: on Andy’s post, on Andrei’s post


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