Topic 3 Reflection

topic 3 reflection part 1

In my Topic 2 Reflection, I highlighted the changes made based on areas that needed improvement suggested by Topic 1. I argued that these changes were successful and made my blog ‘accessible, concise, and original’. This week I wanted to maintain these successful developments.

topic 3 reflection part 2

I also wanted to tackle some remaining improvements that could still be made, and highlighted these in the last reflection as ‘goals’.

This week, I again developed my understanding of the Topic and blogging through various interactions with other bloggers. My post discussed the difficult concept of ‘authenticity’ in regards to professional profiles, as well as the importance of developing your professional profile and ‘brand’ across various sites, with a specific focus on blogging, and the need to consider privacy and your personal profile.

Engagement with David allowed me to understand that even though a professional profile may not be completely authentic due to ‘branding’, we are both professional and social in real life, and have to adapt this brand as we would in offline situations; adaptability here is seen as a positive trait that employers may praise. My argument developed: the concept of a professional profile is itself somewhat inauthentic, but this doesn’t have to be problematic, rather, some level of inauthenticity is necessary in professional life. This discussion of authenticity is something Cherie hadn’t considered, and she questioned me further on the topic, my reply featuring ideas learnt from David’s post.

After experiencing PowToon and having concerns over counterproductivity (it took quite long to create a 6-slide video), I commented on Brad’s post to understand his experiences, and a tweet by Nic from our Thursday lecture which involved a discussion of PowToon gave me some tips for future PowToon video creation. Brad’s post also helped as it built upon my understandings of authenticity by suggesting we should consider ‘contunuity’/’versatility’/’balance’. Initially, I understood ‘balance’ as crucial in the authenticity debate, but saw continuity and versatility as tied to professionalism- however Brad’s reply helped to clarify.

Interestingly, Cherie praised my infographics, whilst Andrei questioned why I failed to include graphics within these. After highlighting my inability to find relevant graphics on the infographic creators, Andrei pointed me in appropriate directions and linked to specific websites I will utilise next week! Additionally, Andrei agreed with that blogging is a great tool that allows both authenticity and professional benefits. However, he convinced me over the additional benefits of an page; recruiters can get a very quick understanding of you from this portrayal.

topic 3 relfection part 3

I can really feel my blogging style and module knowledge building as the topics progress, and I look forward to making further developments! Stay tuned.

Word count: 440

My comments: David & Brad


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