Topic 4 Reflection

Topic 4 asked us to focus on just 1 ethical issue and so an exploration of other posts this week has been especially rewarding as I have learnt about many different issues. It’s also enabled me to apply ethical considerations associated with social media screening (my post’s focus) to other ideas, developing my understanding of these as well as ‘screening’ through discussions.

For example, whereas my post considered the responsibility of employers/businesses to employees, David’s post explored the opposite. I suggested a link between our topics, commenting that both sides are stuck in a freedom of expression online vs responsibility debate/balance.

Patricia commented on my post, agreeing with my skepticism towards screening, but also suggesting we should not put all the emphasis on employers as candidates have a choice to make their profiles appropriate/professional. We discussed and this ‘choice’, reflecting upon Greenwald’s self-regulation ideas, which allowed me to bring in what I learnt from David’s post, highlighting a lack of ‘choice’ due to employee responsibilities to promote business reputation.

Furthermore, Ellie’s post taught me about the risks to mental health of social media in terms of comparing one’s self and perfectionism. I commented by applying these harmful side effects of social media to ‘screening’. We both agreed that the pressures of screening mirror the problems of social media usage generally, especially inauthenticity.

Finally, Jordan’s comment asked for my opinion on the future of social media screening usage, which allowed me to summarise my discussions by highlighting that the debate is complex, a balance is needed, and screening/social media must always be used with care, if used at all.

This topic has been the most rewarding so far, in terms of developing my understanding and argument around my chosen issue, and developing it further/with applications through discussions. I look forward to continuing this in my final topic post, as well as making some final changes to my blogging approach which I discuss below!

T4R cropped.png - actualy cropped.png

Word count: 322

My blog comments: On David’s and Ellie’s posts


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