Topic 5 Reflection

final topic 5 reflection infographic.png

I was looking forward to Topic 5 as I wanted to show how my blogging style and skills have developed through the successes and shortcomings of the past few months of blogging. As such, I feel I’ve ended on a good note and completed my goals!

As my post was one of a few to cover a debate on different types of online content, discussions were particularly rewarding as they developed my understanding of a specific type: journal articles.

Whilst in my post my overview suggested education and journals should be free and open, Rebecca offered some interesting disadvantages which countered my view, and which I later explored. I suggested she watched a video I found from David’s post (which was particularly hard-hitting and persuasive) as it linked with her post, but I also questioned whether a knowledge underclass could be removed through open access to journals, which her post and the video suggested, due to issues over initial research grants and a lack of ‘open playing field’ for publishers in poorer countries.

Furthermore, Catherine’s post considered a different (and a previously unconsidered by me) perspective of the publisher themselves. I challenged her with evidence of research-diverted profit and high margins, after which she provided a key point (and I agree): that profit margins and greedy prices are bigger ethical issues and thus change may come only after rules or policies are changed (or the big publishers get on-board with open access!).

These 2 discussions allowed me to expand my knowledge and think about the other arguments around open access and journals, building upon my overview. As did a discussion with Mary on my own post, which let me, even with the other discussions included, conclude that I do still find the current levels of access to journals and some forms of education discriminatory!

It’s sad that this is my final assessed topic post BUT please come back in a couple weeks to check out my final experience overview post!

Word count: 330

My comment on Catherine’s post

My comment on Rebecca’s post


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