Farewell UOSM2008!

Looking back, I had the same skepticism that most students who take this module seem to have: I want to do something different but… where are the lectures, the exams, can I successfully blog? However, after reading their final module reflections, and constantly hearing ‘I was wrong’ and ‘I would recommend it’, I took their advice and the module and here I am with the same feedback: definitely worthwhile!

In this final post, I reflect upon the development of my learning, my digital literacy skills, my digital profile and online presence, and my future steps after the module.

Let’s first look at my development by re-taking the self-test! (chart created using site I just found)

web diagram

Overall, progress has been great: before my highest score in a category was 3, now it is my lowest!

However, some areas have improved more than others and there’s still room for further progress beyond the module. Let’s explore:

First, how have my academic, learning and blogging skills developed?

(screenshots from initial self test; graphs created using piktochart; infographic created using canva)


Take a look at the startling difference between my blogging style in Topic 1 and 5:

topic 1

^The entire Topic 1 post and references on 1 page


Just a handful of online materials selected from my Topic 5 post:

topic 5

With regards to collaboration and discussions, I followed every blog that I had an interaction with and the number stacked up fast:

followed 1

following 2

Many of these were in-depth and valuable, like my discussion with Patricia, my application of my topic ideas with Ellie’s post, or the research around a new topic prompted by a comment on Rebecca’s post.

My ability developed alongside my Topic knowledge. I’ve created a mini-timeline to cover the last few months (I used tips from this website suggested by Sarah on Twitter):

*Couldn’t embed it, so click here or the screenshot below to view it in full and without the blurriness:*


Secondly, how has my digital / professional profile developed?

Lets look back at the other self test questions:


As you can see, my scores are a bit lower overall here. This is because prior to this module I didn’t have any form of professional profile online identity, or any type of ‘brand’; this module has instead completely kickstarted me down an path of creatingutilising and monitoring a professional online identity, for the recruitment and employment process. In the infographic above, I’ve touched upon how this journey has just started, as well as ‘beyond the module’ further steps! Specific changes can be seen more clearly and visually in this linked prezi:


As I grow this identity on new sites, I aim to keep track using this about.me page.

In summary, I have learnt a lot from this module! I’ve gained new and valuable skills and an insight into the usefulness of the web for education and employment, and appreciate this module for finally kicking me into gear regarding the effective management of an online professional identity. My key aim moving forward is to develop this further as I finish university. This is my final piece of university work EVER, so it feels fitting that a send off here looks to the future after university…

Farewell and Thank You

Word count: 538 words

Tools used






For social media, see my about.me.page


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