Topic 5: Sharing Knowledge Openly Online

Nowadays, most people understand that the internet is revolutionary as it decreases the need for space, facilitating the death of geography (although disputed) Nowhere is this more apparent than with knowledge. But, is sharing knowledge as content openly and freely online beneficial or harmful to the sharer? Open access involves the following: ^(Photo sourced from… Read More Topic 5: Sharing Knowledge Openly Online

Topic 4: Social Media, Business Use and Ethics

I have previously explored how social media can increase employability through the creation of a brand across various platforms and the utilization of privacy settings. However, is the use of social media by businesses ethical? What do I mean by ethical? Ethics are ‘a system of moral principles’ that acknowledge what is good for both the individual and… Read More Topic 4: Social Media, Business Use and Ethics

Topic 3: Professional online identities

One of the ways in which people can utilise multiple online identities (discussed in Topic 2), is through a professional personal divide, and last week I asked an important question: does the ability to edit yourself and create partial identities allow for authenticity?  (Infographic 1 created by me) I find this week’s topic on ‘authentic’ professional identities… Read More Topic 3: Professional online identities