Topic 2: Multiple Online Identities

Thinking back to Topic 1’s Digital Resident / Visitor spectrum, your position is likely to affect your understandings of online privacy and identities, the focus of this post. Increasingly, users of the web, especially those involved in the ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘network societies’, are acknowledging the importance of a digital and professional footprint,  online collaboration, and having an… Read More Topic 2: Multiple Online Identities

Topic 1: ‘Digital Visitors’ and ‘Digital Residents’

Before understanding and evaluating the concept of ‘Digital Residents’ and ‘Digital Visitors’, we must first explore the proposed concept of ‘Digital Natives’ and ‘Digital Immigrants’. Prensky (2001) suggests users of the web can be sorted into 2 categories. ‘Digital Natives’, are those who are native speakers of the digital language. They have been born in… Read More Topic 1: ‘Digital Visitors’ and ‘Digital Residents’